Aguila glass price list

Auto Glass

With over 8000 models, we carry the most extensive range of windshields, door glass and backglass.

Bus Glass

We supply 1 piece or 2 piece windshields as well as side glass for many bus brands.

Trucks & Heavy Equipment

Keep on truckin’ with Aguila Auto Glass as we have the most complete line of truck glass.

Flat Safety Laminated Glass

Our safety laminated glass comes in a variety of sizes and can easily be cut for a variety of applications.

Acrylic plastics

We carry high-quality plastic acrylic that is perfect for a variety of applications such as signages and furniture. Our acrylic is also food grade and can easily be bent and molded.

Rubber Rolls and Mouldings

Essential for many auto glass installations, we carry a wide inventory of rubber products. We can also supply rubber products for other vehicle applications whether car, bus or truck.

Wipers and Tint

Aguila Auto Glass carries Lumina Automotive Window Film in various shades. Aguila Auto Glass carries Type S wipers in varying kinds and sizes. Affordable, durable, and easy to install.

Sealants and Adhesives

We carry polyurethane sealants for auto glass installations, as well as silicone sealants for general use.

Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

Our heavy-duty manually operated Caulk guns are specified for 600ml and 400ml Polyurethane Adhesive sausage. Packaged with five (5) plastic extra cone nozzles.


Aguila Auto Glass offers auto glass removal knife tools to guarantee all jobs big or small can be accomplished successfully, making you and your vehicle happy with our hand tools range, no matter what your next DIY project is, when you have the right tools auto glass replacement is a breeze.

Turtle Wax

The premium quality car care products. Formulated with high-quality ingredients to give your car the maximum protection and shine. It’s time to return your Car or Truck to sparkling, new condition with our full selection of car exterior cleaners.

Little Trees Air Fresheners

Freshen your life with the world-famous air fresheners. Little Trees are disposable air fresheners shaped like a stylized evergreen tree, marketed for use in motor vehicles, and most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors.

Sonax Car A/C Cleaner

Sonax Car A/C Cleaner – antibacterial cleaner spray, that provides a fresh fragrance. Cleans the Car air conditioned and ventilation systems. Eradicates unpleasant odors, and provides a fresh fragrance. Extremely easy application!


An iconic brand with its Multi-Use Products, rust-prevention solvents, and degreasers offering its consumers the easiest, and most convenient way to get a job done.

Yuasa Battery

If high power is a top priority in a replacement motorcycle battery, look to Yuasa’s High-Performance batteries. Yuasa means more power, less maintenance and longer life. Yuasa’s High-Performance batteries are your best choice for motorcycle, utility vehicle, scooter, ATVs, ride-on mowers, personal watercraft and snowmobiles.

Harry Tire Black

The new and enhanced formula of Harry Tire Black is made from advance chemical to best preserve your tire and at the same time give luster that always look new. Special attention has been dedicated to the product’s easy application and dust repelling capability.

Tosca Dashboard Protectant

Manufactured according to the most advanced technology to cope in preserving the beauty of the car parts made of leather, plastic and vinyl. At the same time gives lustre that always look new.

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Aguila glass price list