How do I know when to replace my windshield?

The easy answer here is if its broken or “basag”. Of course some people will say that its still ok, but if it hampers visibility at all, whether because of cracks, chips, or scratches, then we recommend you replace your windshield. You don’t want to drive with your visibility hampered, as this is unsafe and can lead to accidents.

Of course if you plan to enter the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), then any damage to your windshield will prohibit you from entering. In that case it is best to have a replacement done right away.

What kind of glass should I buy?

If you need a windshield, you can choose between a laminated windshield or a zone tempered windshield. Do NOT buy fully tempered.

If you need a side glass/window or a backglass, then they will be tempered

What is the difference between tempered glass and laminated glass?

Laminated glass is glass with a plastic interlayer known as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Upon a strong enough impact, cracks form on the glass, most commonly known as a spiderweb. It is considered safe because there is little to no risk of sharp shards breaking off and hurting anyone nearby. Also, visibility is only minimally impaired.

For automotive purposes, laminated glass is used for windshields to ensure a level of visibility as well as protection for the driver and passengers of the car even after impact.

Tempered glass, sometimes referred to as toughened glass, is glass that undergoes a process of heating and cooling to strengthen it. However, when hit hard enough, tempered glass tends to shatter into small pieces. In tagalog, nagmamais siya.

Only zone tempered glass is allowed for windshields as a broken fully tempered glass will not allow for any visibility for the driver and is dangerous.

You only offer polyurethane. Is that better than silicone?

Polyurethane is superior to silicone as silicone is really only a sealant and not an adhesive. Users of silicone, usually paired with butyl tape, also usually experience rusting of their pinchweld. Proper polyurethane acts as both sealant and adhesive, guaranteeing that not only does your windshield or backglass stay in place, but it is also sealed from water and will therefore minimize the risk of rusting.

Aguila Auto Glass and Aguila Glass branches only use high quality primerless polyurethane, ensuring a good, proper installation every time.

I’m being asked for the details of my vehicle. How do I properly identify my vehicle?

To be able to get you the right product, we need the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the year model. Sometimes this creates confusion because of the overlaps in production or selling years. Usually the best way is to trace it using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). However, that is also difficult.

If you’re not sure of the model of your car, and even if you are, we recommend you send a picture of your vehicle to us via Facebook Messenger, Viber, or e-mail. We will identify it for you to make sure that you get the right glass for your vehicle.

What is so important about the ICC mark?

The ICC Mark or the Import Commodity Clearance certifies that products undergo DTI sampling and pass the necessary tests to deem them safe for the public. As auto glass is a safety product, it is one of those products that require the ICC Mark.

We recommend that when it comes to auto glass you ONLY buy a product with an ICC Mark as it is a guarantee that what you are buying and installing in your car is a proper, safe product. Your auto glass could be what stands in between life and death, so you want to make sure what you buy will do the job its supposed to

How long does a replacement take?

Depending on the vehicle and the kind of installation, a replacement can take as short as 30 minutes or as short as 2 hours. No need to leave your vehicle with us overnight. Our accredited service providers can install while you wait.

Can I use my insurance for the replacement?

Aguila Auto Glass and Aguila Glass works with a number of the top insurance companies so it is definitely possible to claim your broken windshield on your insurance. We can even help you process your claim with your provider, provided it is one we already work with.

Do you accept credit card?

As of now, a few branches do accept credit card, though we expect to see that number rise in the near future. We also accept payments via G-Cash, with PayMaya coming soon.

Can you service my vehicle at home? In the office?

We deliver! Traditionally called “home service”, you can call and reach out to us to schedule a delivery and our accredited service providers can do an onsite replacement. And the best thing about it is that for Metro Manila customers, if your preferred location is within a 15km radius of the branch of origin, this delivery service is free. For provincial Luzon branches, radius is 30km.

Do I need to call ahead to schedule?

Technically no you don’t, but we cannot guarantee the availability of the accredited service provider when you arrive. The best thing to do is to call or message ahead. This way we can make sure the vehicle is properly identified, the stock is ready, and installation can be done as soon as you arrive.

Do you offer a warranty?

If you purchase the glass from us, it is installed by one of our accredited service providers, and, if applicable, change your rubber or moulding to a new one, we offer a 6 month warranty against leaks.

You don’t have what I need in stock. Can I make a special order?

Yes. If we don’t have the glass you need, you can always make a special order from us. Special orders can take as quick as a month or as long as 6 depending on availability with our suppliers. Special orders also require a downpayment so we can secure the glass for you.

I’m looking for glass for other kinds of vehicles like heavy equipment or boats. Do you also supply that?

We actually do have glass for heavy equipment, but we can always do a special order just for you. The same goes for boats and other vehicles. If the glass is flat, its also possibly to cut the shape and size you need from our Flat Safety Laminated Glass.

Can I use your acrylic sheets for medical purposes?

Yes. Our acrylic plastic sheets are certified for both medical and food-related purposes. They are also good for any other acrylic use such as signages, furniture, interior décor, whiteboards, basketball backboards, and more. They can also be used for automotive installations.

Why should I replace my windshield? Can’t I just have it repaired?

While a repair can be done for any superficial damage, there is always the danger that the damage will get bigger, or the damage has compromised the structural integrity of the glass. As your windshield is highly important, especially in case of an accident, it is always safer to replace your windshield.

How can I tell it’s the ORIGINAL Aguila Auto Glass or Aguila Glass?

Only the ORIGINAL Aguila Auto Glass and Aguila Glass branches will have the RED EAGLE HEAD logo, the same one you see throughout this website. Also make sure to check out our BRANCHES page to see our addresses and contact numbers. We can only guarantee the quality and service of those branches.

Want to make sure you get to the best source of auto glass? Send us a message here, via Facebook Messenger, or text or call our hotline numbers: 02-86345277, 0917-8845277, 0918-9248452.

We’ll make sure you’re directed to the right branch, or schedule a delivery and replacement at your home or office.