Freshen your life with the world-famous air fresheners. Little Trees are disposable air fresheners shaped like a stylized evergreen tree, marketed for use in motor vehicles, and most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors. They are made of a specially formulated absorbent material and produced in a variety of colors and scents

Little Trees are high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable products that provide the best fragrance experience. These products offer a choice in style while still delivering the great fragrance that consumers know and love.

Available in different variants:

  • Little Trees Black Ice
  • Little Trees Vanillaroma
  • Little Trees New Car Scent
  • Little Trees Royal Pine
  • Little Trees New Green Apple
  • Little Trees Fiber Can – Black Ice
  • Little Trees Fiber Can – New Car Scent
  • Little Trees Fiber Can – Lavender
  • Little Trees Vent Wrap – Black Ice
  • Little Trees Vent Wrap – New Car Scent
  • Little Trees Vent Wrap – Vanillaroma

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