When it comes to the integrity of your vehicle, details matter. That’s why we take pride in offering a range of high-quality rubber products, including Rubber Rolls, Mouldings, and Weather Strips, designed to keep your automobile in top condition.

Mouldings for Precision and Protection

Our mouldings are an integral part of your vehicle’s sealing system, ensuring a perfect seal between your windshield and auto glass and its frame. Our rubber profiles are engineered to fit snugly on your windshield, back glass, side glass, and body frame. They provide an extra layer of protection against the elements and maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Weather Strips: Defenders Against the Elements

Weather strips play a crucial role in preventing water and wind from infiltrating your vehicle through the edges of the glass. Over time, exposure to the elements can weaken them, necessitating replacement. Our weather strips are built to last, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and temperature fluctuations while retaining their elasticity.

Why Choose Our Rubber Products?

Our rubber products are manufactured to meet stringent commercial specifications. They possess exceptional stretching capabilities while maintaining the strength required to remain elastic. This ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, even in the face of unforgiving conditions.
At Aguila Auto Glass®, we’re committed to providing you with the finest automotive solutions, ensuring your vehicle stays protected, secure, and stylish.

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