Trucks & Heavy Equipment Glass Service

Hardworking vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment require robust glass to ensure safety and durability while at work. As the leading windshield and auto glass supplier in the Philippine automotive industry, Aguila Auto Glass ® offers glass services to trucks and heavy equipment, ensuring safety and quality are at the forefront. Our product offerings are diverse, catering to various truck models, including custom-built ones.

Does Aguila Auto Glass ® offer quality and reliable windshield and auto glass products for trucks and heavy equipment? YES! That is why Aguila Auto Glass ® is the #1 windshield and auto glass supplier. With more than 8,000 auto glass models in stock, Aguila Auto Glass ® delivers the most comprehensive range of windshield and auto glass tailored to popular American, Chinese, European, Japanese, and Korean brands of trucks and heavy equipment.

Our Automotive Glass Services

Aguila Auto Glass ® provides an extensive range of automotive glass services. We specialize in windshields and auto glass for cars, SUVs, and buses and cater to the needs of trucks, heavy equipment, and even custom-built vehicles.

  • Windshield Replacement
    At Aguila Auto Glass ®, windshield replacement is conducted with precision and care, understanding its role in vehicle safety and structural integrity. The service involves removing and replacing the damaged windshield with a new one while adhering to stringent safety standards. Using high-quality glass and advanced adhesives, Aguila Auto Glass ® ensures a seamless fit and clear vision for a safer driving experience.
  • Rear Window Replacement
    Also known as the rear windshield, back glass or backlit, rear window replacement at Aguila Auto Glass ® addresses the critical aspect of visibility and safety. Whether due to damage, malfunctions or wear and tear, our team replaces rear windows with high-quality glass tailored to each vehicle’s specifications. Every replacement is executed with meticulous attention to detail, restoring not just clarity but also the integral safety features of the rear window, including defrost and antenna capabilities.
  • Side Window Replacement
    Our side window replacement services cater to damages beyond repair, offering swift and reliable replacement solutions. Recognizing the potential risks of compromised side windows, such as security vulnerabilities and exposure to elements, Aguila Auto Glass authorized service providers skillfully and efficiently handle the glass removal, cleanup, and installation process. They ensure that replacements meet the original manufacturer’s safety and quality standards, reinstating the vehicle’s security and convenience features.

What Types of Trucks & Heavy Equipment Does Aguila Auto Glass ® Cater To?

Aguila Auto Glass ® extends its expertise beyond conventional vehicles, offering specialized services for various trucks and heavy equipment. Understanding the unique requirements of these larger vehicles and machinery, Aguila Auto Glass® is equipped to handle glass services for:

  1. Backhoes: We provide sturdy and high-visibility glass solutions essential for the safe operation of excavation vehicles.
  2. Cranes: We cater to the specific needs of cranes, which require durable glass to withstand high-altitude and heavy-load conditions.
  3. Dump Trucks: We offer robust glass options for workhorses of the transportation and construction industry, considering their exposure to harsh environments.
  4. Excavators: We supply custom glass services to accommodate the cabin requirements of heavy-duty digging machines.
  5. Loaders: We ensure loaders are equipped with resilient glass to handle heavy loads and a range of on-site conditions.
  6. Trucks & RVs: From commercial trucks to recreational vehicles, we provide comprehensive glass solutions that consider both durability and clarity for long-distance journeys.

Which Truck and Heavy Equipment Models Does Aguila Auto Glass ® Provide Services For?

Our product portfolio includes specialized windshield and auto glass services for a wide range of truck models, ensuring each vehicle maintains its integrity and performance. Here is a list of truck models that we provide service for:

American Truck

Chinese Truck

European Truck

Japanese Truck

Korean Truck

What Glass Sizes or Dimensions Does Aguila Auto Glass ® Provide?

Aguila Auto Glass ® has an extensive range of auto glass products with over 8000 models, including windshields, door glass, and back glass for different types of vehicles and are compliant with vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Our Flat Safety Laminated Glass and Acrylic Plastic can also be cut and customized to fit specific automotive applications.

For more specific information on glass sizes and dimensions, or if you have a unique requirement, don’t hesitate to message us or contact us at (02) 863 45277. Our team of experts will guide you through our products and help you choose the best fit for your needs.

Why Choose Aguila Auto Glass ® for Truck & Heavy Equipment Glass Service?

With its unrivaled reputation, extensive experience, and comprehensive service offerings, Aguila Auto Glass ® is a reliable partner for truck and heavy equipment glass service. As the #1 windshield and auto glass supplier, Aguila Auto Glass ® offers over 70 years of trust and reliability in the Philippine automotive industry. Our services are not just limited to windshields but also window and back glass for cars, buses, trucks, and heavy equipment.

At Aguila Auto Glass ®, we are committed to ensuring your safety, which is why we continue to provide automotive glass that adheres to safety policies. Trust us for your automotive glass needs. With 26 conveniently located branches across Metro Manila and Luzon, you can trust us to cater to your needs wherever you are. We also deliver!

Aguila Auto Glass ® only offers auto glass that complies with mandatory Philippine National Standards (PNS). In addition, our windshields and auto glass products are certified safe by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and bear the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Mark. This ensures value for your money as our auto glass products are affordably priced, making Aguila Auto Glass ® the clear choice for high-quality truck and heavy equipment windshields and auto glass products.

At Aguila Auto Glass ®, we offer a range of products beyond just auto glass. Our product line also includes car window tint and film, windshield wipers, sealants and adhesives, rubber rolls, moldings and molding strips, safety laminated glass, and acrylic plastic.

Aguila Auto Glass ® remains committed to strategically expanding its product line, now offering a diverse selection of car care products, car maintenance products, and auto moto products with trusted brands, such as Little Trees Air Freshener, Rain Harry Tire Black, Tosca Dashboard Protectant, Sonax Car Aircon Cleaner, Turtle Wax premium products, WD 40 lubricants and degreasers, VIC oil filters, NGK Spark Plugs, and Yuasa motorcycle batteries, to ensure that every customer has access to high-quality and reliable products.

Whether you are in Metro Manila or traveling across Luzon, look for the legit Aguila Auto Glass ®. Take advantage of our comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet your windshield and auto glass requirements with the utmost expertise and attention to detail.