Sonax Car A/C Cleaner – antibacterial cleaner spray, that provides a fresh fragrance. Cleans the Car air conditioned and ventilation systems. Eradicates unpleasant odors, and provides a fresh fragrance. Extremely easy application!


  • Shake the Can.
  • Start your car and set the A/C to cold and the fan speed at its highest level. Don’t forget to switch the A/C’s air circulation.
  • Push both the front seats forward and have the backrests face down.
  • To activate the can’s spray head and putting at the rear footwells.
  • Close all the windows and doors
  • During this process, you’ll notice that the can is spraying the cleaning agent all over the car’s interior via a fine mist. This means that the A/C cleaner is doing its job.
  • After the can has been fully emptied, open all the doors and windows of the car as you’ll need to ventilate it for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the car’s interior has been fully cleared, a faint soapy/powdery scent is all the cleaning agent leaves behind inside the car.

Your car’s air-conditioning system smells fresh and now you’re ready to go.

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