Auto Glass Service

Aguila Auto Glass ® is the clear choice for high-quality car windshields and auto glass products. With more than 8,000 auto glass models in stock, Aguila Auto Glass ® offers the most comprehensive range of car windshields and auto glass products for popular American, Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, and Korean brands, including auto glass products for locally-built vehicles like the iconic Philippine Jeepney, Modern Jeepney, Owner Type Jeepney, and other custom-built vehicles.


With over seven decades of experience and expertise under our belt, Aguila Auto Glass ® continues to lead the automotive glass industry in the country. Our company is dedicated to providing top-notch car glass services, including the replacement of various car glass components.

What are the Car Glass Services of Aguila Auto Glass ®?

Aguila Auto Glass’ services include:

  • Car windshield replacement: This process involves removing damaged or compromised windshields from vehicles and replacing them with new ones. Replacing a damaged windshield is necessary, as it is considered a critical component of vehicle safety and integrity. Ensure safety, protection, and aesthetics with our high-quality windshield replacement service.
  • Window tinting: In this service, a thin film or coating is applied to the vehicle’s window to reduce heat, UV radiation, and visible light. Clients opt for this service as it offers them protection against heat and harmful UV rays, increased air conditioning efficiency, and privacy. Trust our skilled authorized service providers to deliver flawless, long-lasting window tint applications for your car.
  • Rear window replacement: This service is for the removal and replacement of a damaged rear window, also known as the rear windshield, back glass or backlit from a vehicle. Prices vary depending on the car model and the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Door glass and side window replacement: This process involves the replacement of damaged door glass and side windows on vehicles. The cost of its replacement may vary depending on factors like the car model, the severity of the damage and the manufacturer’s specifications. With our prompt and efficient door glass and side window replacement service, you can restore your vehicle’s safety and comfort.

What Car Glass Models are Available at Aguila Auto Glass ®?

Our product portfolio includes windshields and auto glass for the following car brands and models:

American Models

Chinese Models

European Models

Indian Models

Japanese Models

Korean Models

Why is Car Glass Service Important?

Car glass is essential for the safety, security, comfort, and overall aesthetics of a vehicle. Thus, maintaining and keeping the car windows and windshield in pristine condition equates to the vehicle’s overall usability and performance.

  • Safety, in terms of unobstructed visibility while driving
  • Security, which discourages unauthorized access to the vehicle
  • Comfort, which keeps harmful elements from entering the cabin while traveling
  • Aesthetics, for keeping the overall aesthetic appearance of the vehicle

To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, Aguila Auto Glass ® only sells auto glass products that comply with mandatory Philippine National Standards (PNS). Our windshields and auto glass products have been certified safe by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and bear the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Mark. We prioritize your well-being by delivering top-quality, compliant auto glass solutions that you can trust.

Why Choose Aguila Auto Glass ® for Your Car Glass Needs?

Consulting with a professional and industry-proven auto glass supplier like Aguila Auto Glass ® is beneficial for car owners. We have been the leading supplier in the Philippine automotive glass industry for over 70 years. We take pride in our commitment to quality work and our adherence to strict product safety protocols and standards.

Aguila Auto Glass ® is your one-stop destination for all your automotive glass needs. Beyond providing quality auto glass, we offer a wide array of products, including car window tint and film, windshield wipers, sealants and adhesives, rubber rolls, moldings and molding strips, safety laminated glass, and acrylic plastic.

Furthermore, Aguila Auto Glass ® continues its strategic expansion of its product line, including car care and car maintenance products, as well as auto moto products. These offerings feature trusted brands, such as Little Trees Air Freshener, Rain Harry Tire Black, Tosca Dashboard Protectant, Sonax Car Aircon Cleaner, Turtle Wax premium products, WD 40 lubricants and degreasers, VIC oil filters, NGK Spark Plugs, and Yuasa motorcycle batteries.

Whether you are in Metro Manila or traveling across Luzon, you can rely on Aguila Auto Glass ® for your auto glass services.

FAQs about Auto Glass Services

How to know if your car windows need replacement

Here are some common indicators that your car windows need replacement:

  • Scratches due to exposure to the elements and harsh weather conditions
  • Poor visibility due to a hazy or cloudy appearance that cannot be restored even when cleaned
  • The presence of water leaks or air drafts that enter the vehicle
  • Excessive age and wear of the glass

When is windshield replacement recommended?

Generally, a windshield should be replaced when it incurs the following conditions:

  • Visible cracks and scratches that obstruct the driver visibility
  • The presence of cracks or chips that worsen over time
  • Delamination or discoloration
  • The recurrence of cracks that were previously repaired