Serving both bus manufacturers and operators, Aguila Auto Glass is truly the leader in replacement glass for buses. We currently carry 22 different brands of buses, spanning 88 different models. Windshields are available for both once-piece and two-piece models. And with over 20 different locations as well as onsite replacement, Aguila can help you keep those buses running.

Damage to the windshield or window of your bus is always unanticipated and definitely unwanted. But when this unpredictably happens, you need the immediate support of a reliable and dedicated company that understands and can respond to your needs.

This is where 65 years of expertise and experience steps in. Aguila Auto Glass specializes in replacement windshields and side glass for U.S., Asian, and European brand buses, as well as other vehicles.

We carry the widest on-hand supply and inventory in the bus segment, and serve our customers by providing the highest quality product. Our other products include a wide range of safety laminated glass, acrylic plastic, sealants, rubber rolls, mouldings, accessories, wipers, and automotive tint.

Yes we deliver. Just simply call us and let us know where you want us to go. It has always been our mission to put your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. And the delivery service is free of charge.

In keeping with strict consumer safety standards, our automotive glass products are proudly certified and have the Philippine Standard Mark of Quality (PS Mark) and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification.

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